Celtic Love Knot Scarf

My friend Jenny is going to Kenya to work in an orphanage as part of a year long mission trip.  She held a silent auction to raise money for the trip and asked me to make a couple of things for the auction.  Since we are in Houston and it is ridiculously hot, I chose to try my hand at a love knot scarf.  I had seen some love knot items floating around Pinterest but didn’t really fall in love with a scarf until I found this free pattern on Ravelry.

I’ve been crocheting since before I can remember, but I had never made love stitches before.  Lucy Croft, who wrote the pattern, really covered all of her basis.  She included pictures with instructions for both left and right handed crocheters with both written instructions and a chart.  The directions were clear and easy to follow.  She used a light-weight yarn in her example that clearly showed loops (for lack of a better term) between the actual knots.  I used a heavier weight yarn (normal four-ply yarn) which resulted in less defined loops.  The final product was still a beautiful, light, summer scarf.

Love Knot Scarf

Difficulty:  Easy

Time Required:  1 Movie

Overall Experience:  Excellent

3 thoughts on “Celtic Love Knot Scarf

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