Hello Kitty Scarf

My 15-year-old sister is OBSESSED with Hello Kitty.  When I stumbled upon a crocheted Hello Kitty scarf on Pinterest, I knew that was going to be part of her Christmas present.  The pattern was written by Made by K.  The pattern is quick, easy, and looks just like Hello Kitty.  The only drawback is that it is very long.  Karin of Made by K included multiple sets of alternate instructions for different parts of the scarf.  I found this fun because I had choices, but others might find this confusing.

The scarf turned out adorable.  Below you can find my alterations from the written pattern (although the written pattern is really made for alterations):

  1. Karin made her scarf for a child and included seven regular granny squares (four white center and three grey center).  Since my scarf was for a very tall (5’10ish) teenager, I made 11 regular granny squares (6 white center and 5 grey center).
  2. There are several methods for joining the granny squares.  I used the join as you go method described in the pattern.
  3. Karin gives easy border and harder border instructions.  The connected squares tend to dip in where they are joined (see picture below from Karin’s blog).  After completing the first row of the harder border, which is supposed to give a smooth border, my project was still dipping in at these locations.  (I wasn’t planning a blog at this point or I would show pictures.)  I accounted for this in Row 2 of the border.  Row 2 asks the crocheter to single crochet all the way around the scarf.  I followed this except I half double crocheted in the double crochet stitches from Row 1 (see picture below).
  4. I added the flower detail to both Hello Kitty squares instead of just one.


Here is my (almost) fiance (at that time) modeling the scarf.  It really brings out his…something.

Craig Hello Kitty

My sister loved the scarf.  She modeled it with all of her other Hello Kitty Christmas items.

Difficulty:  Easy

The pattern may be a little hard to follow since it is quite long.

Time Required:  2 Movies

Overall Experience:  Excellent

3 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Scarf

  1. I love how you count your time! I always tell myself to write down my time for projects and always forget. Movie time sounds so easy! Love your projects. I think Hello Kitty is next on my list.

    • Thank you! The Hello Kitty Scarf is fun to make. I always had a problem counting my time, but then I realized it was really easy to figure out how many movies I watched while making something!

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