Wedding Doilies

I’m currently working on various projects for my upcoming October wedding.  Our colors are purple and grey.  For the centerpieces, I chose groups of three glass cylinders containing a single eggplant calla lily.  The cylinders will be filled with water with a floating candle floating on top of each.  The effect will be similar to picture below.

My dress is extremely lacy, and I am incorporating lace into various aspects of the decorations.  I wanted to include both lace and grey into the centerpieces, so I chose to crochet doilies to place under the centerpieces.  I searched Ravelry for free doily patterns and chose Doily 4403 8 Point Star.  The pattern creates a 9 3/4″ doily.  To achieve a more appropriate size for my purposes (17 “), I used a size 0 crochet hook rather than a size 11.  I’m making the doilies out of Bernat Handicrafter Crochet Thread in Misty Grey.


I recruited my grandmother and great aunt to help me make some of the 20+ doilies need for the reception.  That’s a lot of doilies!  Since I will busy with these, my summer knit-a-long project Nachtfalter, and some surprise projects for my wedding party, I won’t have “new” project to blog about for quite some time.  I have pictures of quite a few old projects to blog about until I finish.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Doilies

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