Tovolo Cupcake Pen

My fiance bought me a Tovolo Cupcake Pen a couple of months ago.  I love cooking toys!  I just got around to using it this morning.  I made blueberry muffins.  The device has a really cool concept.  I enjoy making things in muffin tins to take places because they are already personal sized.  The only bad part is the mess I make while trying to spoon batter from my bowl to the tin.  I always make a mess.  The cupcake pen is supposed to eliminate the mess.  I simply spooned the batter in the pen.  I then squeezed it into the muffin tins.  The only negative point was that when I neared the end of the batter, quite a lot of batter was still stuck to the inside of the pen.  Next time I’ll try greasing the pen before I start.  Overall, I was quite pleased with my new toy!

photocupcake pen