Celebration 2013

I’ve been absent from blogging the last couple of weeks because I have been heavily involved in my church’s Christmas production.  Instead of posting some sort of craft, I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from the show.  I love that I got to share Christ with over 20,000 people this weekend through one of my favorite things:  DANCE!

My church’s production has three parts:  the Spirit, the Songs, and the Story.  The Spirit section contains fun skits and dances related to the “spirit” of Christmas.  The second section includes some technically difficult choir and orchestra pieces, hence the Songs.  The third, and most important, section tells the story of Jesus.  Check out thefirstchristmas.org for more information.

One of my coworkers took a few video clips from the front row of the Spirit section.  This was opening night and the dances weren’t quite as clean as they were the other nights.  Here are my favorites.  The first clip is tap dance to Hot Chocolate from Polar Express.  The second is a clip of the Rockette Reindeer dance.  The third is me (as Rosemary Clooney) and Bing Crosby dancing to White Christmas from White Christmas.  The angles are…interesting…but I was still excited to see them!