Happy Birthday to Engineered Creations!

I started my blog, Engineered Creations, exactly one year ago today.  The response I’ve gotten has been absolutely incredible.  I never dreamed so many people from around the world would be interested in my crafting experiences/patterns and recipes.  Here are a few statistics from the last year.

  • My blog has had 20,665 views in the last year.  That’s an average of about 57 views per day.  That’s insane!
  • My blog readership really picked up in November and December.  During that time, a popular bacon newsletter linked to my Bacon and Cheese Crock Pot Quiche recipe, Raverly put my Baby Turkey Hat pattern on their front page, and I published my Katniss Cowl pattern, which became very popular.  Those three posts have seen consistent high traffic keeping my numbers high since November.

Stats 1

  • My blog has been read around the world in a total of 83 countries!  The picture below shows a map of all the countries with the top countries listed.

Stats 2

My top posts were:

T-shirt Quilt Preview

I’ve been working on a t-shirt quilt quite hard for the last two weeks. The top is pieced together and pinned to the batting and backing. (With approximately 400 pins!) The quilt is 104″ by 104″ and the largest quilt I’ve ever attempted. I’ll write a full post when I’m finished, but here’s a preview picture. It fills up the entire living room and my husband couldn’t even get high enough to get the whole quilt in the picture.