Felted Soap

The same friend that taught me to make homemade soap in May taught me to make felted soap a couple of weeks ago.  (This post is way behind!)  Making felted soap is actually super easy and makes a great fun, creative gift.  I didn’t take picture during the process, but there are already some great tutorials on how to do it.  Frugal Kiwi breaks the process up into two parts:  how to wet felt the soap and how to needle felt a design on top.  I used a piece of my friend’s amazing homemade soap, wet felted in a natural off white fiber, then needle felted a cat and ball of yarn on top.  The only real variation from what Fugal Kiwi describes is that we used bubble wrap to create friction rather than a sushi bamboo mat.  I had a great experience.  If you are looking for a new, easy craft, I would definitely recommend making felted soap!


Difficulty:  Wet Felting-Easy, Needle Felting-Moderate

Time Required:  30 minutes

Overall Experience:  Excellent

6 thoughts on “Felted Soap

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