21 Day Fix Transformation Story

Since I’ve started the 21 Day Fix program several people have asked me why I’m on a diet if I’m not fat.  That’s because it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.  And while I wasn’t fat, I certainly wasn’t healthy.


Before Beachbody

Before I started my Beachbody journey, I felt pretty good about how my body looked.  I was what most people would consider thin.  I could have been more toned, but I was thin.  However, the way my body felt was a completely different matter.  I was struggling with several. seemingly unrelated health problems.  I had three different digestive issues.  My lips had been painfully chapped for months and no balm or ointment gave any relief.  The skin all over my body was so dry it was flaking off similar to if I had been sunburned despite the fact that I put lotion on several times a day.  Also, despite sleeping upwards of nine hours a night, I was chronically fatigued.  Every evening I counted down the minutes to what I could convince myself was a reasonable bedtime, sometimes as early as 8 pm.

Why I Decided to Start Making Healthy Choices

What inspired me to change my eating and fitness habits was the idea of becoming pregnant.  (No.  I am not pregnant.)  A lot of our friends are having children and my husband and I began discussing children.  Before we even started going down that route, I knew that I had to make serious changes in my diet, and I was not exercising at all.  It never occurred to me that my health issues could be diet related.

Why I Chose the 21 Day Fix

For months I had been watching my high school friends post about the 21 Day Fix on Facebook.  With a PhD in engineering, I had a strong science background.  The fad diets in which one deprived oneself of certain nutrients never seemed like a logical way to become healthy.  The 21 Day Fix, however, made a lot of sense.  Eating balanced meals using the entire food pyramid and exercising at home for 30 minutes a day appealed to me.  When one of my friends invited me to a free five day sneak peak challenge, I was hooked!

I chose the 21 Day Fix program because it included a detailed nutrition and exercise program.  Because I was looking to improve in both areas, it was a great fit.  I had seen people I know transform and thrive on the program.  This meant much more to me than seeing a commercial on television.  I was very satisfied with my choice.  I found the nutrition plan to be very flexible.  I could make nutritious meals with proper portion sizes that both my husband and myself found delicious.  I could also exercise on my schedule in my own home whenever I had time, whether that was 4:30 am or right before I went to bed.  I found the exercise program to be challenging for a variety of fitness levels with various modifiers to make exercises easier or more difficult.  I felt that was important so that the workout can grow more challenging as the participant becomes stronger.

My Transformation

My results were not apparent from the scale alone.  I actually gained weight during the 21 day program!  However, I was putting on muscle.  My scale give body fat percentages; therefore, even though I gained 2.0 lbs, I actually gained 3.4 lbs of muscle and lost 1.4 lbs of fat.  I also lost 1.5 in around my waist and 0.5 around my hips and became much more toned.  While the physically viewable achievements were fantastic, I am most proud of the change in my health.  All of my health issues disappeared.  The symptoms from all of the digestive issues subsided within the first week.  The very first day I was drinking the appropriate amount of water, my lips quit burning.  A few days later they had begun to heal and my skin quit flaking.  I also felt a huge difference in my energy level.  I do not spend my entire day looking forward to the minute I can crawl into bed.  I actually look forward to working out now!  I can’t wait to see how I continue to improve in the future!

Beachbody Coaching

I felt so strongly about the changes in my energy levels and health that I wanted to help others with the same achievements.  I signed up to start coaching with Beachbody.  If you have any questions about 21 Day Fix, I would love to answer them.  Contact me on this website or check out my Beachbody coaching website here.

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