Nachtfalter Summer Knit-a-Long–Week 1 Progress

As I wrote previously, I am participating a summer knit-a-long.  Each Monday during the knit-a-long, Holla Knits will post the weekly goal.  This week’s goal was to cast on and knit half of the bottom ribbing.  The bottom ribbing is simple, but the twists make it interesting.  There is a forum on Ravelry where participants can discuss progress and challenges.  I’m having so much fun knitting with other people!  Below you can see my progress thus far as well as what the finished product should look like.

KAL Week 1


(Ratings based on this week’s work only.)

Difficulty:  Easy

Time Required:  3 Movies

Overall Experience:  Good

(I tend to get a little bored on very repetitive patterns.  I’ll enjoy the lace much more once I get there.)

Nachtfalter Summer Knit-a-Long

I’m very new to craft blogging.  (As in I started yesterday.)  Another blogger, reWOLLuzza liked my Saturday Night Purse post yesterday, so I decided to check out her (much more established) blog.  On her blog I found many beautiful patterns and was delighted to find that she is working with a couple of other popular blogs (Holla Knits and  Under the Red Umbrella)to complete a summer knit-a-long of her Nachtfalter pattern shown below.  I’ve never knit with other people before.  I am beyond excited.  The idea is that a group of knitters will work on the same project over a six week period.  “Cast On Day” is tomorrow, so I found the project just in time!  I quickly knitted partial swatches to check my gauge.  I’ll post my weekly progress here.


Bottom ribbing gauge 1.5″


Butterfly Lace 1″