Etsy and KALs

Over the past few years, I’ve opened my Etsy store twice and never sold a single item.  Over the last few months, a lot of my friends have requested me to knit or crochet something for them.  They almost always ask if I have an Etsy store.  I finally ran out of orders, and decided to try Etsy one more time.  I gave my shop a facelift and uploaded pictures of all of my recent original projects that I could make quickly if ordered.  Check out my new and  improved store here.


In the mean time, I’m working on designing Alice in Wonderland inspired top hats for the Crochet Crowd’s challenge.  My designs are top secret until after the competition is over.  I’m also starting two additional knit-a-longs (KALs) in addition to Socks with Sarah.  The KALs are hosted by Holla Knits, the same blog that hosted my last KAL.  I’m making Multiplicity and Bombshell Shorts over the next three months.  Cast on day is today.  I’m excited!

Socks with Sarah

Socks with Sarah is a year-long knit-a-long (KAL). The goal of this KAL is to knit at least a little bit on a sock everyday for the next year. I’ve been wanting to make my sock drawer more exciting for quite some time, but I get a little bored making socks. I decided this would be a good way to make sure I make them. I plan on going slow and steady and making lots of other things. The KAL started today, so I cast on the second sock to match this cutie I made a couple of months ago. The pattern is here.