Soaps and Scrubs and Candles, Oh My!

My Sunday School teacher used to have a soap business and taught a class last weekend on beginning soap making. We made two soaps (using a melt and pour method rather than a lye-based chemical method). One soap was lavender scented with lavender buds. The other was orange peel scented with merigold petals. While those were curing, we also made scented sugar scrubs, bath salts, and candles. We had a blast and the products are beautiful!




Little Lady Slippers

My friend Parnak’s baby shower is today.  I’m so sad that I’m missing it!  I still have a lot of things to do for my wedding and just didn’t have time to drive to San Antonio, spend a whole day, and drive back.  In addition to the “real” present that I shipped, I sent these sweet little baby booties.  The pattern is available in Booties by the Dozen by Kay Meadors.  This is my go to book for baby booties.  I love these patterns!  I didn’t alter the pattern from what is written.  The pattern is really simply, so I don’t really have any tips either!


Difficulty:  Easy

Time Required:  2 Movies

Overall Experience:  Excellent