Mad Hatter Crochet Challenge – Absolem

I posted last week about the Crochet Crowd’s Mad Hatter Crochet Challenge.  Since I really enjoyed the creativity of designing the decorations for the first hat, I decided to make a second hat.  I chose to base the hat on Absolem, the hookah smoking caterpillar in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  I knit the hat holding together two colors to achieve the look of a smoke-filled teal and grey background.   I crocheted the brim of the hat in a tan color to resemble Absolem’s mushroom and embroidered spots on the mushroom.  I free crocheted Absolem’s head and body and embroidered all of his features before sewing him on the side of the hat.  I also free crocheted the hookah and smoke rings.  He turned out beautiful.  My gauge was a little off on the the first hat, so I went down a hook size for this hat.  The shape of the hat turned out a lot better.