Nachtfalter Summer Knit-a-Long

I’m very new to craft blogging.  (As in I started yesterday.)  Another blogger, reWOLLuzza liked my Saturday Night Purse post yesterday, so I decided to check out her (much more established) blog.  On her blog I found many beautiful patterns and was delighted to find that she is working with a couple of other popular blogs (Holla Knits and  Under the Red Umbrella)to complete a summer knit-a-long of her Nachtfalter pattern shown below.  I’ve never knit with other people before.  I am beyond excited.  The idea is that a group of knitters will work on the same project over a six week period.  “Cast On Day” is tomorrow, so I found the project just in time!  I quickly knitted partial swatches to check my gauge.  I’ll post my weekly progress here.


Bottom ribbing gauge 1.5″


Butterfly Lace 1″