52 Reasons Book

Note:  While this does not appear to be a wedding related post, it will become relevant in a later post.

This was in fact the first pin I ever brought to life.  A couple of years ago I saw Pinterest start popping up all over Facebook.  I understood it to be a digital pin board where one can organize his or her ideas.  I don’t keep real notebooks or pin boards, and didn’t see the point of a digital one.  One day I was bored and decided to see what all the hype was about.  I was immediately hooked.  There were SO MANY craft and recipe ideas.

I started using Pinterest about a month before Valentine’s Day.  This would be my first Valentine’s Day spent with my now husband, Craig.  We hadn’t talked about Valentine’s Day gifts.  I wanted my gift to “match” his.  I didn’t know if he was getting me anything.  I found this adorable idea on Pinterest.  I decided to make him this and bake something.




  • Make a list of 52 reasons you love your man
  • Cut 54 pieces scrapbooking paper to an appropriate size (the amount of playing card you want behind the paper is totally up to you)
  • If you want the border look I used, cut 54 solid color pieces of scrapbooking paper slightly smaller than a patterned piece
  • Write one reason on each piece of solid paper
  • Write a title and an opening message on the remaining pieces of solid paper
  • Glue the solid pieces of paper onto the patterned pieces of paper
  • Choose the location for the binder rings and hole punch each card
  • Remove the two jokers from the deck (these will be your front cover and your message page)
  • Glue a message on each of the normal 52 cards
  • Glue the opening message on one of the jokers
  • Glue the title on the back of one of remaining joker
  • Put all of the cards on the binder rings

Difficulty:  Easy

Time Required:  2 movies

Overall Experience:  Excellent

20131027-100346.jpg 20131027-100315.jpg 20131027-100234.jpg 20131027-100038.jpg

XKCD pretty much described my dilemma.

Valentine Dilemma