Felted Soap

The same friend that taught me to make homemade soap in May taught me to make felted soap a couple of weeks ago.  (This post is way behind!)  Making felted soap is actually super easy and makes a great fun, creative gift.  I didn’t take picture during the process, but there are already some great tutorials on how to do it.  Frugal Kiwi breaks the process up into two parts:  how to wet felt the soap and how to needle felt a design on top.  I used a piece of my friend’s amazing homemade soap, wet felted in a natural off white fiber, then needle felted a cat and ball of yarn on top.  The only real variation from what Fugal Kiwi describes is that we used bubble wrap to create friction rather than a sushi bamboo mat.  I had a great experience.  If you are looking for a new, easy craft, I would definitely recommend making felted soap!


Difficulty:  Wet Felting-Easy, Needle Felting-Moderate

Time Required:  30 minutes

Overall Experience:  Excellent

Soaps and Scrubs and Candles, Oh My!

My Sunday School teacher used to have a soap business and taught a class last weekend on beginning soap making. We made two soaps (using a melt and pour method rather than a lye-based chemical method). One soap was lavender scented with lavender buds. The other was orange peel scented with merigold petals. While those were curing, we also made scented sugar scrubs, bath salts, and candles. We had a blast and the products are beautiful!