Oscar the Grouch Baby Hat

A friend of a friend asked me to make an Oscar the Grouch baby hat.  The patterns I found didn’t have the right eye shape, so I made up my own.  I love his eyebrows!  The hat knits up to be about 14 inches around, but is very stretchy.  It easily fits my friend’s baby with an 18 inch head.  The shape of the hat is based on my Baby Turkey Hat pattern.


Disclaimer:  Feel free to make this pattern for your personal use, for your platypus, for charity, or to sell.  The only thing I ask is that you please do not sell it on Etsy.  If you are interested in purchasing a koozie from my Etsy store, you may do so here.


  • 5 Size US 6 double pointed needles
  • Tapestry needle
  • Vanna’s Choice yarn in White (W)
  • Vanna’s Choice yarn in Scarlet (R)
  • Vanna’s Choice yarn in Chocolate
  • Vanna’s Choice yarn in Black (K)
  • Vanna’s Choice yarn in Fern (G)
  • Lion Brand Fun Fur in Chocolate

Note:  For the brown (B) eyebrows, hold together the fun fur and brown yarn together as one strand.

Stitches Used:


Cast on 72 with G and distribute evenly on four needles

R1-R7:  Knitting in round, KG 72

R8:  KG 28, KK 16, KG 28

R9:  KG 26, KK 7, KR 6, KK 7, KG 26

R10:  KG 25, KK 7, KR 8, KK 7, KG 25

R11-R12:  KG 24, KK 8, KR 8, KK 8, KG 24

R13:  KG 23, KK26, KG 23

R14-R17:  KG 72

R18:  KG 27, KW 6, KG 6, KW 6, KG 27

R19:  KG 26, KW 3, KK 3, KW 3, KG 2, KW 3, KK 3, KW 3, KG 26

R20:  KG 26, KW 3, KK 3, KW 2, KG 4, KW 2, KK 3, KW 3, KG 26

R21:  KG 23, KB 3, KW 3, KK 3, KW 1, KB 6, KW 1, KK 3, KW 3, KB 3, KG 23

R22:  KG 24, KB 3, KW 5, KB 8, KW 5, KB 3, KG 24

R23:  KG 25, KB 22, KG 25

R24:  KG 26, KB 20, KG 26

R25:  KG 27, KB 6, KG 6, KB 6, KG 27

R26-R30:  Continuing in G K72

R31:  (K4, k2tog, ssk, K4) six times

R32:  K60

R33:  (K3, k2tog, ssk, K3) six times

R34:  K48

R35:  (K2, k2tog, ssk, K2) six times

R36:  K36

R37:  (K, k2tog, ssk, K) six times

R38:  K24

R39:  (k2tog, ssk) six times

Cut the yarn with several spare inches.  Thread a tapestry needle and pull yarn through all 12 stitches on needles.  Work in ends.



Difficulty:  Easy-Moderate

Time Required:  4 Movies

Overall Experience:  Excellent


5 thoughts on “Oscar the Grouch Baby Hat

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  2. I love your pattern and am trying it out however, confused on the changing colors working in the round. did you carry the yarn across the back of the hat each row? I feel like I should be doing intarsia and have a seam in the hat
    thanks terri

    • I did carry the yarn across the back of the hat, twisting the carried colors every eight or so stitches. It is difficult when you are working with more than two colors. I tend to have too much tension in my work, so I have to be careful to not pull the carried yarn too tightly. It may very well work better with intarsia, but I haven’t personally tried it. If you do, please let me know how it goes!

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