10-Year Class Reunion Awards Ceremony

I organized the awards ceremony for my 10-year class reunion that took place a couple of weeks ago.  I spent a couple of weeks scourging the internet and the dollar stores for award categories and humorous gift ideas.  Most of what I found online was for later class reunions (30th, 40th, etc.) and weren’t overly appropriate for one’s 10th anniversary.  For example, no one wants to win the award for most grey hair 10 years out of high school.  Below you can find the list that I came up with and the dollar store gifts I found.  (Please note that a few of the gifts didn’t actually make it to Indiana and were substitute at the last minute.  This was my original list.)  I put each award in a brown paper gift bag and put cute tags on them with the award name.  I determined who earned each award either from the address list, a survey I created on Google Docs, or from voting during the event.  I may be biased, but I think people enjoyed the awards.





Award Name Description Metric Gift 1 Gift 2
Globe Trotter Attending alumnus that traveled the furthest to attend the reunion Address list There’s no place like home mug Map of Scottsburg
Rock Star Attending alumnus that has been in a band the longest amount of time Survey Recorder Fake mustaches
Cheaper by the Dozen Attending alumnus with the most kids Survey Adult sippy cup Tylenol
Martha Stewart Attending alumnus with best baking, sewing, quilting, general homemaking skills Vote Double Spatula Can Drainer
Restless Attending alumnus that has moved the most number of times since graduation Survey Bubble wrap Packaging tape
Cheesin’ Attending alumnus with best smile Vote Toothbrush Toothpaste
Forever Young Attending alumnus who looks the same as high school Vote Foaming acne scrub Happy 18th Birthday Card
Late Bloomer Award Attending alumnus who looks better than high school Vote Flowers Foam Flowers
Mr. Glass Attending alumnus who has broken the most bones Survey Band-aids Ace bandage
Bundle of Joy Attending alumnus who has most recently had a baby Survey Cry babies Pacifiers
Dr. Dolittle Attending alumnus with most pets Survey Iced animal crackers Animals Almanac
Avengers Assemble Attending alumnus with most interesting job Vote Avengers candy Star sunglasses
Just Hitched Attending alumnus that was most recently married Survey Red Hots Hanky Panky Candy
There’s no Place Like Home Attending alumnus that lives closest to the high school Address list Foam glider US Flash Cards
Revenge of the Nerds Attending alumnus with most post-high school degrees Survey Nerds Science Almanac
Driver’s Ed Attending alumnus with most traffic violations Survey Parking cone Get out of Jail Free Card
Dangerous Jobs Attending alumnus with most dangerous job Vote Will kit
Kat Von D Attending alumnus with most tattoos Survey Temporary Tattoos
Pincushion Award Attending alumnus with most piercings Rhinestone stickers

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