Chevron Koozies

My cousin Amber is the matron-of-honor in my wedding.  She planned a beautiful wedding shower for me that happened yesterday.  To thank her, I made her two chevron koozies and a wine carrier, which will be blogged about in a future post.  I really love how the koozies turned out!  I put them on pint glasses that will be given as a favor at our second reception.  Scroll down through all the pictures for the pattern.  Also, thanks to my sister Emily for taking pictures yesterday!  (One of these days I’m going to have to post a bunch of her pictures.  She’s really amazing!)










Disclaimer:  Feel free to make this pattern for your personal use, for your platypus, for charity, or to sell.  The only thing I ask is that you please do not sell it on Etsy.  If you are interested in purchasing a koozie from my Etsy store, you may do so here.


  • Small amounts of worsted-weight yarn in contrasting colors (I chose grey (g) and off-white (w))
  • 5 size US 6 double pointed needles

Stitches Used:


For colorwork, use fair isle technique

Cast on 48 stitches using g, distrubute on four double pointed needles, knit in rounds

R1:  Continuing with g, k2 p2 around (48 stitches)

R2-4:  Repeat R1

R5:   With g and w, k1w, k3g, k5w, k3g around

R6:  Repeat R5

R7:  k2w, k3g, k3w, k3g, k1w around

R8:  Repeat R7

R9:  k3w, k3g, k1w, k3g, k2w around

R10:  Repeat R9

R11:  k1g, k3w, k5g, k3w around

R12:  Repeat R11

R13:  k2g, k3w, k3g, k3w, k1g around

R14:  Repeat R13

R15:  k3g, k3w, k1g, k3w, k2g around

R16:  Repeat R15

R17:  k3w, k3g, k1w, k3g, k2w around

R18:  Repeat R16

R19:  k2w, k3g, k3w, k3g, k1w around

R20:  Repeat R19

R21:  k1w, k3g, k5w, k3g around

R22:  Repeat R21

R23:  k3g, k3w, k1g, k3w, k2g around

R24:  Repeat R23

R25:  k2g, k3w, k3g, k3w, k1g around

R26:  Repeat R25

R27:  k1g, k3w, k5g, k3w around

R28:  Repeat R27

R29:  Continuing in g only, k48

R30:  Repeat R29

R31:  k2tog k2 around (36 stitches)

R32:  k2tog k2 around (27 stitches)

R33:  k2tog k1 around (18 stitches)

R34:  k2tog k1 around (12 stitches)

R35:  k2tog (6 stitches)

To finish, pull a loop through all 6 stitches on needle and pull tight.  Work in ends.

Difficulty:  Easy

Time Required:  1.5 Movies

Overall Experience:  Excellent

4 thoughts on “Chevron Koozies

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  2. Love this pattern! I just got to row 13, though, and I think there is something wrong with the pattern. There are only 9 stitches that make up the repeating pattern while there are 12 for the others. Any help? Thanks! (:

  3. I figured it out! This may have been my mistake, but if anyone else is struggling, I think 13 may be “k3g, k3w, k3g, k3w”. After that, everything shifted a little. I took one off of the last piece of the row and put it onto the first piece. For example, for 15, it turned into “k4g, k3w, k1g, k3w, k1g”. Not sure if this was my mistake, but it came out perfectly!! I love it. (: I adjusted it a little and made the top grey part 7 rows and instead of doing the bottom portion with the decreases I just redid the “k2, p2” for 7 more rows. It made the perfect sleeve for my Camelback water bottle!

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